Two Guys on Motorbikes Comes to an End

Now that both bikes are gone, our journey is over...kind of.  After all the partying we did in Santiago, we had to fly to sin city itself - bring on Las Vegas baby! It was the cheapest way to get home by almost $400, so we kind of had to.

Even our trip to the airport in Santiago was an adventure. We took an Uber and the driver couldn't figure out how to get to the airport for the life of him - in fairness the directions on the app weren't working, but c'mon man, really? Anyways, we had long layovers in Lima, then a bit in Mexico city (where we finally got that Mexico stamp we were missing), and ended up in Vegas. Trevor had to be there for 24 hours to get his flight to Victoria via Seattle, so Dave decided to hang out and invite his old man down to join.  We stayed in New York New York, explored the city, did a little gambling and sight seeing - t'was good times yet again. Always good to explore...even if you've been doing it for the past four and a half months. The funny thing is, Dave had already been to Vegas on this trip since he flew there for 12 hours after his graduation in November.

One noteworthy thing that happened during our time in Vegas was along the strip. While wandering between areas, we walked beside a section of road then ducked into a casino nearby. 30 minutes and $40 later, we come back outside... to a huge number of police cars, crime scene tape, and a closed down roadway. Turns out somebody went a bit crazy while driving and decided to run down as many people as she could on the sidewalk. Yep, the sidewalk we had been walking on not 10 minutes prior to her mounting the curb. This was apparently the biggest traffic incident in Las Vegas since 2005... Who would have thought that one of the closest times to death on our trip would have happened in Sin City?

Once Vegas wrapped up, it was time to finally part ways.

The trip was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I wouldn't have done it with anyone else. It was full of up and downs, twisty, bumpy roadways, and many sketchy lane splitting passes, but we survived and it will be unforgettable. Thanks for a great time and I hope you all had fun reading about our adventures here.

Who know, maybe another trip will be in the works down the road...

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  1. Yes by! Great to see you had fun. A wise man once said, smoke em if you got em!