Day 129 - December 9th

Now it's only '1 Guy on a Motorbike'!

Dave got up early(ish) and met Alf at the airport shortly after 9:00am. Dave, Barbara and Alf ate a quick breakfast, did the Canada side of the paperwork and did an e-transfer of the money. We then went into the Aduana (customs) office at the airport and explained what we wanted to do. They were a little bit confused at first, but once we showed them our passports, some emails, and a document or two, they understood and everything was pretty easy. Dave handed Alf the keys and the whole process was done in about an hour. Dave was a bit sad to see it go, but Alf seems like a pretty great guy who's been around bikes a bunch - he'll have a blast riding it back to Canada I'm sure.

The remainder of the day was spent in celebration of one successful bike sale (and a bit of planning to get flights home...since one of us actually has enough money to get a ticket now :P).

Later, we got a note from the German guy and his Brazillian girlfriend, who we'd met at the tool booth a couple days prior, for us to come join them for dinner and wine at another hostel. Can't turn down something like that!  We went over to EcoHostel and had a great stirfry and a bunch of wine. There are so many cool people you meet travelling - it's awesome. Oh, and we helped them attach christmas decorations to their motorbike - they'd obviously seen how awesome our bikes looked and got a bit jealous haha.

Hopefully the sale of Trevor's bike goes this smoothly.

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