Day 128 - December 8th

Woke up good and early to an excellent breakfast that Barbara whipped up for us - an unexpected but great start to the morning!

We got on the road and headed for the short 90 minute ride into Santiago. We opted to take the most direct route and head back to the Panamericana, but ran into some sort of police roadblock and had to do a pretty big detour. It actually brought us down a few really cool roads though, so we weren't too upset. Trevor had already done a bit of research on a place that seemed cool before getting into town and turns out it was a good choice. We found a good hostel first try! That seems to be a rarity these days. Things are starting to look up. We got settled into Dominica Hostel, with warning from the owner Johan that the area we're in can get a big rowdy at night. Sounds good to us - we like fun! The hostel also had awesome WiFi and super nice, hot showers.  Pretty excited for that if we're going to be here for a decent amount of time. We actually ended up getting a private room because all the dorms were full for the next couple days, but the owner let us pay the same price...which actually works out pretty awesome so we can unpack all our motorcycle stuff and get organized before trying to sell the bikes.

We got a recommendation from Alf yesterday that we had to try a Pisco Sour, so once we got all unpacked, we headed town to the terrace on Pio Nono and got out first real Chilean Drink. Wasn't too bad at all.

We had a couple more drinks and explored the area a bit, but didn't get too too crazy - Dave still has to sell that motorcycle to Alf tomorrow at the airport.

We did, however meet some pretty cool Brazillians. They even cooked the whole hostel some traditional Brazillian BBQ and supplied a bunch of Escudo beers for everyone to drink - I think we're gonna like it here.

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