Day 127 - December 7th

This morning, after a quick breakfast that our friend had prepared for us, we were on our way. Thanks so much to them for their hospitality! Since their WiFi broke, our first step was to go to the nearby cafe from yesterday to coordinate the meeting with Alf, Dave's bike buyer. After getting directions and picking a meeting time (more or less) it was time to give Dave's bike one last good scrubbing. The gas station wash booth was anticlimactic and didn't really work, so instead we scrubbed it by hand. An hour later, she was ready.
We headed up to an area called Horcón, where Alf was staying with his wife, Barbara. The two of them were doing a one month trip in an old Subaru, then Alf was to continue on up to Canada by motorbike. We found the place they were staying, said hello, then we went and bought beer. Step one.
After returning from the tienda, Alf checked out the bike quickly. Seeing nothing major, he asked about the tools that we had with us. Standard stuff, wrenches, sockets, vice grips, etc... Well, that will be perfect to fix the Subaru. So the next little while was spent fixing the gas cylinders on the hatchback. Not what I expected to do in Chile.
After the vehicle was in tip top shape, we were all getting hungry, so we went down the road for empanadas. A nice Latin American greasy meal filled our stomachs and we were ready to go again.
By this time, the day was getting late. Alf and Barbara found out we didn't have a place to stay for the night, so they offered us the spate bedroom in the apartment they were renting. The two of us played a quick game of Rock Paper Scissors to decide if we were going to stay here with Alf, or go to Santiago and find a hostel. The game spoke, and we opted to stay with Alf and Barbara - awesome! The 4 of us hung out and exchanged stories for the rest of the evening, and we went off to bed at a decent time so Alf and Barbara could head for a little day trip to Valparisio in the morning. Tomorrow's a holiday here in Chile, so we'll wait until Wednesday to do the exchange of the bike money and paperwork until then. Neat.

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