Day 126 - December 6th

For potentially being Dave's last day with the motorbike, today was wierd...
We woke up to our motorbikes being in the restaurant....just as we left them. We scooted past the bikes and sat at a table (which still wasn't open to the public for some reason) and got served breakfast. Good stuff. We backed out bikes out of the kitchen and headed off toward Concon.
The road was super freaking rad. Fast, curves and very little traffic for most of it. We got on a big detour before getting to Concon (our destination for the day), but that was fun too and we arrived into town by 11:30am. Never been so early before! Awesome. As we rolled up, we noticed the sandboarding spot. We got STOKED and SHREDDED THE POW for a good hour. Was pretty hilarious. Off to a good start for the day.
After POACHING ALL THE LOCAL'S SICK LINES, it was time for some grub. We found a little café that turned out just opened by a Scottish guy. He's lived here for 6 months, bought the place 6 weeks ago, and has been in business for 13 days. His lady friend was a Chilean accountant so its all starting to make sense (or is it?). Having no idea where we could stay for the night, he googled for us and found a hostel (or so we thought).
The Google directions to the hostel brought us to a church. Not the first time we'd stayed in a Church this trip so we went to go ask someone. Nope, no hostel here. Darn. They pointed to a place 2 blocks down....think we could find a hostel there either? Nope. What's going on?!? Why's it so hard to find a hostel...or any cheap place to stay for that matter. We wound up finding another hotel on the beach, but they would budge on price cause the owner wasn't around. Then we went across the street to a wierd love motel thing that reaked of cigarette smoke. Nope, not gonna stay there either. This is getting ridiculous, guess we're not staying in Concon tonight, so we headed north.
Once out of town and on the highway, we notice a place that has cabanas and a pool and a bunch of kids toys like playgrounds and stuff. Why not, lets give it a go. Seems a bit odd, but whatever. At this point I'll take pretty much anything. We asked the lady for a spot and she said we could pay just 15000 Pesos and we could have 3 hours in her cabaña and even use the jacuzzi. Wait, what? She thinks we're gay? Not again! I guess this is the place you bring your kids then have sexy times or something. Oh man.
We got to a town called Quintero where we initially saw a super fancy looking place, but opted to go in anyways to ask where the cheap hotels were since we'd had luck with that many times prior. Turns out the receptionist's husband had just rolled up in his car and she spoke some spanish with him and next thing we knew, we were at their house, sleeping in their basement and our motorbikes were in the carport. I guess we're not going to a hotel after all. WHERE ARE WE? WHAT IS GOING ON? The owner spoke to us about his bonsai trees for a good half hour, and we went for food and a wander around the town.
I still don't know what's going on, are we paying to stay here? Do we buy them beers? Are they just nice people? Maybe they're super religious. I have literally no idea. Any case, we have a place to stay, so that's good I guess. Dave is probably gonna meet up with Alf (the guys whos gonna but his motorbike) tomorrow 20 mins up the road, so we'll see how that goes.
It's been an interesting day.

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