Day 124 - December 4th

Today wasn't exactly the most exciting day.

After drinking too much the night before in the dumpy town of ChaƱaral, we had some hotel breakfast (with excellent juice) and got on the road with no real destination in mind.  We see the first distances highway sign on the highway and it says there's a place called La Serena exactly 500 kms away.  Lets go there, we decided!  Turns out yeah, it was doable, but oh man was it ever boring. After the first 100km of so, we stopped for second breakfast in a town called Caldera...a cup of coffee was definitely required today. Knowing that we were likely going to be cruising through 400 more kilometers of desert, we opted to actually use our Sena headsets to there full potential and listen to music! Today was there first time since Canada where we actually used the Sena for music rather than just having it on voice so we could talk between ourselves.  It was a good thing too. Probably would have fallen asleep if we weren't jammin' out.

We made it to La Serena which actually looked like a pretty cool city, parked in the main square, and started to look for a hotel. Trevor went literally everywhere, took forever, but eventually found a quaint little place that said "oh yeah we can for sure fit your motorcycles inside".  Turns out the entry way was one of the smallest doors either of us had ever seen. We took the bins off, drove up the sidewalk and had 3 people manhandle the bikes inside.  I dont even know how it was possible, but they're in there now. Hopefully we can get them out tomorrow too, that'd be a plus. By this point, we were both super pooped, Trevor wasn't feeling 100%, but we managed to find a place to grab a pizza before hitting up a corner store and going to bed.

We likely have another decently long day tomorrow. Hopefully it's a bit more exciting than today.

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