Day 98 - November 8th

The first day without Dave started pretty slowly. In Ecuador (or at least Quito) Sundays are very quiet and low-key. Johanna and I walked to the nearest breakfast place, which had come to be our favourite over the past few days. It didn't open until 10! We wandered some more streets looking for other places, but they were all closed. Finally 10 rolls around and we head to the restaurant... Only to find out they just serve coffee today, no food. I don't understand! Desperate, we kept looking until we found this bakery cafeteria thing and got some cheap boring breakky.

Of course, because everything is closed, we couldn't do laundry either. The hostel owner recommended a couple places, all closed. After coming back and asking again several times, each time ending in failure, we got lucky. The hostel owner (once again being so extremely nice) offered to take the laundry and clean it at home for us. We told him we would pay the standard laundromat amount, but I don't think he wants to charge us. These people are too nice!

At about noon, we headed over to Sebastian's house, who we had met last night at the brewery. Him and his girlfriend were going to ride with us to "Mitad del Mundo", or the middle of the earth. This was Quito's big equator monument, complete with gift shops, museums, interpretive centres, and even a planetarium. The four of us rode for about half an hour to get out of town, only getting lost twice! (I blame Sebastian). Once there, we perused the different attractions for 4 or 5 hours, getting the full equator experience. The planetarium wasn't really worth it for me or Johanna, because the presentation was only in Spanish. My Spanish space vocabulary is severely lacking, so it was pretty much just a bunch of lights on the ceiling. Neat. Sebastian told us it was really cool, though, for what it's worth.

After an uneventful but fun ride back into town, it was time for some sewing. Johanna bought a patch for her bag and I had a big hole in my moto pants... What a frustrating hour that was, holy smokes. But I didn't even stab myself! Getting hungry, we went to a square nearby to splurge on some medium quality food! Paying more than $4 for a meal was weird, but really worth it. A couple of drunk older ladies sitting near us tried to tell us some stories, but between their drunkenness, incomplete English skills, and chosen topics, it was pretty much just an awkward time all around. Classic. With supper finished, we came back to the hostel to trade photos from the last few weeks and went to bed early. Tomorrow will be a big riding day... Better get a good sleep!

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