Day 97 - November 7th

After our first night out in a while, we slept in....'til almost 10am. How crazy is that, eh? We were pretty lazy, but got out of bed, showered (in surprisingly hot water which we had not been able to achieve the last few days), and made our way to a new breakfast spot across the street. It was a slightly more upscale feeling place, but breakfast still only cost $4.50. Not bad at all. We enjoyed the food enough to stay there for almost 3 hours drinking coffee. The music reminded us of a café we were at way back in Oaxaca, Mexico called Equinoxxio. Good stuff.

Oh, did I mention it was raining all day? It felt like home. We were super keen to go take pictures at the monument at the equator, but not in weather like this.

The next couple hours, Dave packed up and got ready for his flight....he's gonna go do that graduating thing. With a bit of help, he got all his stuff packed, brought his belongings to Angie's apartment (Thanks Angie!), and delivered his motorcycle to Greg's appartment where a great guy named Otto is gonna look after the bike while Dave is gone for a few days.

Once all that was settled, we went up to Greg and Diana's apartment, played some pool and hung out before they invited us out to a brewery for a bi-monthly brewery celebration at Andes Brewing. Unfortunately, Angie couldn't join us because she had a Kareoke party to attend to. Turns out she's too popular for us haha.

The brewery was good times! We took a pretty long cab ride to get out there, but it was definitely worth it. The beer was great, we got a good brewery tour, and we ate some good food, and met some really cool people. Lots of them spoke English too, so that was awesome. A few heard of our journey and even offered to buy our bikes if we sold them tomorrow in Ecuador....too bad we still want to drive to Chile.

Dave left around 9:30 after probably having one beer more than he should have considering he had to fly for the next 17 hours....but oh well. What else is new?

See ya in a few days! -Dave

Trevor and Johanna held down the beer tent for another hour or so, until a group of people were heading over to a jazz bar. That sounded fun, so we all piled into the designated driver's car and headed across town. The jazz bar was pretty chill... The band was playing their interpretation of some popular hits, as well as some Spanish jazz classics (apparently). Pretty fun overall! After some more beers and some snacks, we called it a night.

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