Day 96 - November 6th

Got up, went for breakfast at the place down the road with the decent breakfast for $2.50 with the good mora? juice. It tasted like raspberries.

After breakfast, we decided to figure out some logistics for selling our motorbikes in Chile. Turns out it's not super simple, but after calling a lawyer in Santiago, were pretty sure we have the kinks worked out for a smooth sale of the bikes when it comes time.

For the afternoon, we decided to go explore the old Historic Centro of Quito. We wandered quite a bit, went to a few nice coffee places, picked up some souvenirs and tried to escape the rains.  Unfortunately, we were 7 minutes too late to go inside the big Basilica, but we were able to take some pretty cool photos.

We ended up back at the hostel around 6, went for some Schwarma, and hung out and played some games before heading over to Greg and Diana's apartment with Angie to have a post Halloween movie get together. We watched a couple 'scary' movies  like Hocus Pocus on the projector and drank a bunch of beers.

Part of the shenanigans involved a wine bottle breaking on Greg's finger which resulted in a bunch of blood, and the a second attempt at opening the bottle with a pen and plyers resulted in the bottle pressurizing so much that the side of the bottle exploded and wine was all over the kitchen. Twas not a good night for that bottle of red wine.

Before we knew it, it was 2:00am and we decided to head back and call it a night. If you're reading this, thanks for having us over guys!

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