Day 95 - November 5th

Alrighty, our first day exploring Quito.

We googled what to do and one of the top things was an art museum. We haven't don't an art museum yet, so why not!

First things first tho....Johanna needs pants. So naturally, we all end up taking a super duper crowded metro bus to a mall way at the other end of town (which was actually pretty hilarious because of how crowded it was), and went to a mall so she could find pants. Dave needed shoes and a tie too, so its not a totally wasted trip. Dave was unsuccessful, but the lady found her pants so that was pretty neat.

We took the bus again this time to the art museum stop. Turns out the museum is way up a hill, so we had to stop for coffee on the way. We found a really cool place so it was well worth it. Around 1, we ended up at the Guayasamín art museum.

We each paid $4 (yay student prices) and there was a free tour. The lady spoke terrible English and was hard to understand, but it was alright. Not totally my cup of tea, but the guy lived a crazy life. Painted 14 hours a day and had friends like Fidel Castro over to his house which was also part of the museum. Turns out he donated all his remaining paintings and his house and property to the city or museum or whatever.

Anyways, we wasted a good couple hours there and we collectively tried to understand art. I don't think any of us succeeded.

We went back to the hostel and chilled out. Went for Schwarma, but that's about the time Trevor started feeling terrible again. Looks like he's not gonna make it to beer drinking night.

Johanna and Dave met up with Angie and took a cab to the brewpub. The beers were great, and so were the cookies! We met Angie's friends Greg and Diana who seem like really cool people and they invited us over for a scary movie night tomorrow at their place. Cool! I love all these activities. We called it a night around 11. Angie and the gang still have to work tomorrow. T'was good times.

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