Day 93 - November 3rd

Trevor feels sick :( I guess that means we're not gonna go to Ecuador today.

We had planned to quickly visit the church on the way out of town, but now that Trevor was bedridden for the day, Johanna and Dave opted to properly explore this church and see what it was all about.

We started the day by going to a little breakfast in town where we were served 2 fried eggs and a piece of bread. Pretty simple, but we were happy. We then loaded up Jo on Dave's motorcycle for the first time this trip. We went off in search of the church which was pretty easy to find. Only about 5 kms from town, where we were able to park the bike and walk down to this church thing. We couldn't even see it from the parking lot because it was deep in the valley.

Once we got down to it, the church was beautiful! It was so crazy....built over a river and goes all the way from the floor of the called to a bridge about 200 feet up, and then topped out probably another 100 or 200 feet above that. The inside was pretty much like any old Spanish colonial church thatd we'd seen a million times, but the structure was crazy. It took a long time to walk around due to the heights and different areas you could go to. There was a museum deep down some staircases in the church, but unfortunately it was closed when we got there. Another cool part of this place is that it has a built in Hydro Electric dam thing that came from a water source beside the river....there must have been a rerouted river or something that they piped into it....which kind of makes sense cause there was a huge waterfall on that side as well.

Anyways, it tough to explain, the we got cool pictures to try to help with that.

After a bunch of random pics and selfies and GoPro shots, we left the church area and got lunch up by the bikes. It was pretty mediocre....nothing to write home about. However! This was the first area where we saw people advertising they had Guinea Pigs for eat of course. We'll have to do that further down the line at a time when all 3 of us can laugh at how ridiculous it is. Looking forward to it.

We drove back to the hotel in Ipiales where Trevor was still in bed. We had to park the bikes outside of the little shack we parked them in last night. No worries they said we could put them back in at 6.

Lo and behold, we went back at 6 to find both bikes moved 20 feet. They were throttle locked an everything! C'mon, whats the deal. We were pissed. And to top it off, they locked the door to the room we were supposed to lock the bikes in and told us we can't put our motorbikes in there and we couldn't even leave them in that lot anymore. Also, it was after dark now, so we argued for a bit, got pretty mad at the parking lot attendants, got our hotel involved and whatnot. At the end of the day, we moved the bikes to a different lot which looked pretty sketchy and wasn't covered. Whatever, hopefully the bikes are there in the morning.

We went back to the the hotel and had an early night. Hopefully Trevor is better tomorrow because Jo and Dave really can't stand this place anymore.

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