Day 92 - November 2nd

Welcome to Popayán... Where normal breakfasts are not a thing. We went to a place recommended by the hotel staff and ordered desayuno, and we were given chicken soup. And not just normal chicken soup... It was like they had removed the feathers from the bird, cut it up, cooked it, and tossed the whole thing in. Bones, liver, hearts, the whole shebang. It really wasn't easy to eat, and not that tasty either. And not even that cheap. Not worth it.

Next on the agenda was Johanna's motorcycle helmet purchase. She was going to hop on the back of a bike and continue on with us by motorcycle! After what seemed like forever, a store was finally found with helmets. $30 later and she was good to go.

The destination for the day was Ipiales. The town, close to the border, supposedly had a neat church nearby, as well as giving us a nice early start for a border day. The roads between Popayán and Ipiales were so much fun! Mountain passes, tunnels, beautiful scenery, twisty roads, and plenty of filming opportunities. One spot had an excellent view, so we stopped to take some photos. 5 minutes later, two people on a small motorbike stopped beside us to do the same thing! John, from Canada, and his tagalong Valentina, from Colombia, were riding a similar trip to us. After exchanging some stories, we kept going.

Later on, we stopped for lunch and gas and met some other folks on bikes. Bev and John, two people from the UK, had rode down from Alaska and were continuing on south. So many people doing this trip! It's so much fun running into others and hearing about their adventures.

Finally, we made it to Ipiales. The recommended hotel/hostel place seemed not very nice, but according to Lonely Planet, it was by far the best in town. It didn't even have parking! We found a lot across the street that was more than willing to keep our bikes... The friendly lady let us park them in her shed so they would be extra secure and out of the rain. Boom! That evening we wandered a bit around the town, but it wasn't very exciting. The only draw of this town for travellers is the church, which we were going to check out in the morning. We can handle staying in a crappy town... We've done it before, and we will certainly do it again!

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