Day 91 - November 1st

After a fun Halloween night, we decided to sleep in until 8... Turns out our phones thought we were still in Canada and decided to do the whole daylight saving time thing, even though that's not a thing in Colombia! Talk about a confusing morning...

After a quick breakky, Trevor started working on decorating his motorbike with his christmas tree costume. After all,we couldn't let the lovely decorations go to waste! Next, we said our goodbyes to Will, Stewart, and Andrea, and got on the road at noon. The road wasn't very exciting, nothing special in either a good or a bad way. Mainly highways with good signage... Where's the fun in that?

Once we arrived in Popayán, the next step was to find a place to stay. A couple reviews online gave us a good starting point, but it turns out that none of them had parking. Classic our luck. On our fourth attempt, we finally found one! It was a crappy looking hotel near the outside of town, but it was cheap, clean, and had parking. Can't go wrong! Until they tell us we need to move the bikes like 7 times to make way for cars... Well, at least they didn't try to move them by themselves

The evening in town wasn't very exciting because the town seemed super sketchy. People whistling and hollering at us while we tried to go for dinner didn't make us feel welcome or excited to explore. Trevor had a weird dude walk up to him and offer him a swig out of a risky looking bottle, which he politely declined. For supper we went to a greasy looking chicken place that served food almost cafeteria style. The young waiter didn't speak any English, but we had an absolutely hilarious time trying to figure out what was going on. Finally some chicken arrives at the table, complete with plastic gloves and no cutlery. I mean, who needs cutlery anyway? What a weird place. At least we were well fed for tomorrow's ride!

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