Day 90 - October 31st

Something about this city promotes laziness in all of us. I don't understand it. We had another nice late start today, but we decided it couldn't be another lazy day. Step one was to send a photo of our motorbikes to a potential buyer, proving that we actually had them and we weren't trying to scam him!

Next on the agenda was to check out the town zoo. Just a quick cab ride away, the zoo was home to animals from all over the world. As far as zoos go, it wasn't anything super special, but you could tell they put in the effort to make it educational and interactive as much as possible. It was also funny how the iguanas seemed to own the place... They weren't even a part of the zoo's attractions, but instead were roaming the pathways and coming and going from animal pens as they pleased. Pretty funny.

Because it was Halloween, of course we had to find costumes for tonight. The hostel was putting on a costume contest, so why not try for a prize? We went back to the pandemonium shopping area and looked around for something fun and easy. Dave picked up some pirate attire, but Trev couldn't find anything good for cheap enough. About to give up hope, the three of us wandered by a store selling Christmas decorations. "I know, I'll be a Christmas tree!" So he loaded up on fake branches, garland, and some Christmas balls.

Back at the hostel, we finished up putting on our costumes and were ready to go for the 6pm costume contest. Of course, we were on Colombia time, so the contest didn't actually happen until 10pm, so the evening was spent hanging around and talking to other travellers. At 10, Trevor came second in the contest! The prize was two mojitos. Worth it.

At 11 or so, a bunch of us from.the hostel hopped into a couple cabs and went down to the bar district. The local who was showing us around took us to a popular bar, but the line to get in was way too long and we weren't patient. The second choice turned out to be awesome - a live band was playing, and playing awesome music too! I mean, who plays system of a down (and plays it well) without being able to speak English? Super impressed! The band played until about 1, when we decided to call it a night.

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