Day 118 - November 28th

Dave didn't wake up til 1030...what a guy. We were supposed to be up and at 'er early too.

Dave stumbled out of bed, still drunk from the night before, packed up as fast as possible and oil and put together the air filter he'd cleaned the night before. Even with that though, we still didn't get on the road til 1 or so since it was already time for the second meal of the day and Trevor was hungry (did you know that Trevor eats a lot? Fun fact #74). You can see a pic of him eating questionable balls below.

Once we were on the road it was a bit of a struggle getting out of town. La Paz is crazy and its traffic is worse. Coupling that with that fact that Dave's bike still wouldn't run right, we weren't doing so hot. We really need to drop some elevation I tell ya. At one point Dave's bike was so bad that we had to stop, push and limp it up the just wasn't getting enough air. We made it work tho!

The next step was to get gas....I hate this part. Bolivia has such a dumb system. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a corrupt petrol pumper this time and had to pay the full gringo price for gas. It's almost three times what the locals pay! Sucks so much.

Nonetheless, we got our gas and were on our way. Once out of town it was a pretty pleasant ride. We got to see some really flat farmland even though we were still hovering around 4000 meters above sea level. It's pretty nuts how the land can just be like that.

We got to the major (ish) town of Oruro where we decided to find a place to get an oil change done. We found a pretty cool shop with a bunch of guys outside and they were stoked to help us. Good stuff! Another check mark for the  to-do list.

It was almost night by this point so we decided to find a place here rather than continuing...its a good thing we did too, 'cause it started pouring rain on us before we could even find a hotel that would take us and our bikes. We would up putting the bikes way down a super skinny hallway to the lobby of a hotel deep in a building. It wasn't easy, but we made it work!

Still can't belive Dave was even coherent enough to ride his bike today. Good on ya Dave.


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