Day 115 - November 25th

After a good long sleep and a hostel breakfast, we got on the road again. After about a minute, we realised Dave's tire was low. No problem, we asked a police officer where we could get air and we ended up at a tire shop on the edge of town. As Dave was filling up the tire and checking pressure, the lady working there (dressed in classic Incan attire) started getting frustrated with Dave's methods, so she took the gauge from him and started doing it herself. Pretty hilarious.

After that, we left Ollantaytambo. We rode through valleys and farms, but nothing too crazy or exciting today. Today was a long travel day so we kind of just wanted to get from A to B.

On the road again, we got a bit hungry. Not wanting to stop for a meal yet, we pulled over at a little tienda (corner store kinda deal) for a snack. And what a find we had - a huge bag of animal crackers for 3 soles (about $1)! Perfect! Clearly, healthy, well rounded meals are not our top priority.

After a few more hours riding, we arrived in Puno, a town right near the side of lake Titicaca. We were greeted by rocks and broken glass all over the road. No big deal, we'll just drive around it... Except it continued for the entire town. It was crazy. Gravel and small boulders and everything in between, combined with broken bottles, windows, and other glass littered the streets everywhere. It was difficult to ride anywhere! We found out later that it was a one day thing where the residents were protesting increased water prices or something. Not a very welcoming start to the town.

After finding a hostel/ hotel kinda deal, we went for dinner in a mototaxi. Trev had more alpaca, which continued to be fantastic. After supper we went back to the hostel and slept early, just after treating our Machu Picchu bug bites. Even 4 months into this trip, a 7 hour riding day still tuckers us out. Go figure.

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