Day 112 - November 22nd

Today was a very long but beautiful riding day. We started with a quick boring hotel breakky and got on the road out of Nasca. Within 10 minutes, we were already into twisty roads. Heading through the desert valley bottom (surrounded by mountains of dirt and sand), we slowly started ascending. Up and up and up we went for what seemed like forever. At the top, we reached a plateau with rolling dead grass hills. When I say rolling, it was like Vancouver Island rolling, not Calgary rolling. There was still a bunch of up to do!

As we kept ascending, the grass slowly got greener and the land got slowly flatter (OK now you can picture Calgary rolling hills.) There started being isolated groups of farmers with various forms of animals... Alpacas, sheep, goats, and of course dogs. One group of alpacas had a farmer right close to the road, so we stopped for a quick chat and a photo! He seemed excited about our trip. Also, it seemed like he lived by himself in a hut made of rocks in the middle of nowhere (over 4500m elevation to boot!) We wondered if he had ever spoken to a foreigner before.

Next, we went down into a valley with a town. Stopped for a quick lunch of this weird fish pork combo... But it was good, so whatever! Outside the restaurant, we met some guys who rode pedal bikes from Bogota, Colombia all the way here since September. Pretty impressive!

The whole rest of the way was full of awesome twisties all the way to Albancay where we were staying for the night. There we found a cheap hotel and met some other riders! Lindsay and Lucy rode their motorbikes from Puerto Escondido, Mexico and were finishing in Bolivia. They were also going a lot faster than us... Pretty sure they left Mexico like a month after we did and caught up to us! We went for a quick pizza dinner and then called it a night. Huge riding day tomorrow!

Thumbs up for thumbs up day!

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