Day 111 - November 21st

Today we had to say goodbye to Johanna. It was fun times, but all good things have gotta end I guess.

The day started off pretty darn early. Dave had to meet the Kawasaki mechanic at 7:00am....and we still wanted to attempt to get on the road so he got fully packed up and left the hostel by 6:55 after saying his goodbyes. The owner Martin and the mechanic Pipo poked around, realized what the problem was (with the language barrier it was a little challenging), and we found the parts on an old KLR in the back. Perfect, right? Wrong. Turns out the owner still wanted to charge me for new parts in Peru prices because he eventually wanted to build up the old KLR even though it didn't even have an engine...he priced the parts online from Kawasaki and for the 2 pieces Dave wanted cost  $225 US. But Martin says in Peru, the prices are 2 times the US price PLUS 30%. Kawakaki Peru wanted to charge over $500 USD for a rear hub and a sleeve. Are you kidding me? No thanks. The guys were nice enough, but they left me no choice but to leave with a pretty sour taste in my mouth. Too bad. They were good enough to open early (@7am for me), give me a free energy drink, lube my chain and all that though. They charged me $20 US for looking, and we picked up oil filters for down the road for too much money and we took off. After seeing the parts though, I'm more and more happy with the job the guys in Chiclayo did. Even the mechanic Pipo said its probably fine. Onward!

The two of us met up at the Kawi shop, and left for Nasca around 10:45am. Turns out Lima is a bit of a dump, so it was nice to change it up. The drive out was right along the coast and pretty nice. Then we went inland and it got pretty hot. Good stuff. We've missed the heat a bit. It was again, flat and Sandy desert tho. There are a bunch of abandoned buildings and stuff along the route too which is pretty strange. At one point we approached on for a picture, but dogs came out chasing us. Got outta there pretty quick, let me tell ya. Turns out dogs can be scary. Who'd'a thunk, eh? Later, we got to the star attraction (and the main reason we took this route), the Nasca Lines. It was pretty anticlimactic to be honest. You go up a few flights of stairs and overlook 2 of the figures. Ones a tree and ones a hand. I mean, it looks kinda lame, but I'm sure the history is neat. Maybe Wikipedia will come in handy once again.

We then got into town, found a hotel and a good slice of lasagna. It's been a long day tho, time for some ZZZZZ's.