Day 110 - November 20th

After a later start than normal, Dave got on the bike to find a Kawi dealer. It was worth having someone qualified to check over the repairs done in Chiclayo.

Dave went on an expedition to find a motorcycle was a but of an adventure. Ended up at a closed Kawasaki shop with a lady from a flower shop and the wife of a mechanic giving directions for a moto show across town. On the way, Dave somehow managed to end up at a SolidWorks Tech Convention thing where nobody knew about motorcycles....turns out there was more than one expo going on in the same area....oops. Eventually, I found the Kawi guy and set up a time to go chat to him in the morning at his shop.

While Dave was doing his thing, Trevor and Johanna weren't feeling super ambitious. Trev worked on the blog a bit and Johanna made sure her flights were in order or something. A couple food and coffee excursions were basically it.

After Dave got back, it was time to check out the beach. A 10 or 15 minute walk got us down to the water, and gave us a cool view. The city of Lima is actually on top of a 40m cliff band that runs the length of the city coast. At the bottom of the cliff band, a major highway runs along the coast. Kind of neat. We walked down some stairs in the cliff and crossed the road with a big bridge.

The beach itself was okay, nothing spectacular. Maybe that's just because it was a grey, cloudy day. We watched some skimboarders for a bit, then hung out with some guys fishing with massive rods. On our way back to the hostel, we saw some motorbike merchandise and advertising being put up in a parking lot. It was some display thing, nothing too crazy, but we hung around and talked motorbikes with the sales guy for a little bit. Pretty fun.

That evening, after a good seafood dinner, we mainly just blogged and traded a bunch of photos and videos with Johanna. This was our last night together, so what better time than to share photos etc? After that was all finished up, we hit the hay.

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