Day 108 - November 18th

Time to keep moving and get out of this small crappy desert town. We started the day with breakfast of salty eggs, rice, and terrible coffee... The meal wasn't palatable except for the wonderful Latin American juice. Who would have thought that such a basic meal could be made so terribly?
Next came the final stage of bike repairs, including putting on the chain cover, lubing the chain, and generally reviewing all the work that was done. Looked pretty good, so it's time to pack up and go.
Today was super uneventful, mainly because it was still more desert. Turns out Peru has a lot of that. But, thankfully, it was a good temperature and was totally manageable. We stopped for a gas station lunch (it was one of those days) where our sustenance came from snickers bars, Powerade, and greasy chicken pastries. Yum!
Oh, one exciting thing happened today. Dave ran up a hill. The first ridge on a huge sand dune looked inviting, so Dave worked his way up there while we watched. That was fun.
After a few more sketchy passes and weird construction sites, of course, we had arrived in Chimbote. This town was built around a fish processing plant, which goes hand in hand with a lovely smell. Luckily, our destination was on the opposite side of town, in an area called Nuevo Chimbote district, or the new district. It didn't smell as bad over here!
The second hotel we found had parking and a cheap room, so that was perfect. For a total of 50 soles a night (or $20 Canadian) we got beds, hot showers, and almost a complete toilet! That's not bad, we've done much worse.
For supper, Johanna and Dave both got 1/4 chickens and Trevor got an airport. Apparently aeropuerto (Spanish for airport) is also Spanish for Chinese chicken fried rice. Neat
Oh and that one picture there....Dave somehow managed to break 2 glass bottles in the hotel room and it smells like beer in here now.

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