Day 107 - November 17th

OK, time to get the motorbike figured out. First step was to find a Kawi mechanic, and second step was to get out of the expensive hotel before checkout.

Apparently the dealer was about a 5 minute drive away, so we all piled into a tuctuc and headed over. Once we got there, we tried our best to explain the problem using photos and our shop service manual... No dice. But they seemed super willing to help out. What's the logical next step? Chuck Dave on the back of the shop motorbike and rip over to the Kawi with a mechanic. Seems like this happens a lot! While Dave went for his adventure, Trevor and Johanna tried (unsuccessfully) to find a decent cup of coffee.

After several trips back and forth with various mechanics to the bike and the shop, it sounded like they'd figure Dave out. The three of us met back at the hotel and packed up our stuff. Trev went ahead to try out a new hotel while Dave and Jo waited for the mechanic. The new hotel was a success! Not only was there parking and hot showers, but the hotel manager seemed chill and the rooms were clean. Also, Bev and John, the two motorcyclists we met on the way to Ipiales, were also staying at the hotel. Cool!

After a bit more bike work, Dave and Johanna came by with all the gear and luggage to move into the hotel. The rest of the day was basically spent two ways: Dave running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to figure out the bike situation, and Trevor and Johanna still unsuccessfully trying to find a decent cup of coffee. After several more hours, Dave finally makes it to the hotel with a working bike. She'll hold until Lima, where we can (hopefully) purchase a replacement spacer for the rear axle. What strange day. Too bad there doesn't seem to be anything fun to do here...

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