Day 105 - November 15th

Alright, time to leave Cuenca. Dave was pretty lost in the morning....he slept in after his big night, skipped breakfast and pretty sure he forgot how to pack his motorbike too. Got him outta the hostel and on the road by 10am or just before tho, so not all hope was lost for the day. 

We opted to try for the town of Mancora which is a little optimistic, but it actually all worked out! We drove along until we were close to the border (which we didn't do any research for like we normally do). Turns out there's a reason why we typically research for these border days. We drove and drove and drove and didn't see neither customs nor immigration andthen magically we drove across a bridge where there was no security and there was a big sign saying "WELCOME TO PERU". Oops, I guess we dicked 'er somewhere along the line. We found a spot to do a U Turn and we drove back to Ecuador....where we had to ask a security guard where to do our motorbike paperwork.... Turns out it was about 7 kms back. That sucks, but its also pretty hilarious that we were just able to drive into Peru without realizing it. The actual border process was pretty straitforward, and the customs officers were super funny. They were joking with us and making fun of Johanna without her even knowing. They were saying she looked like Rod Stewart and awas crazy and a whole bunch of other stuff. Definitely a good first impression. Soooo much fun (classic Johanna quote).

By the time we got to the hostel in Mancora it was already dark, but its a sweet looking hostel. Has a swimming pool and a huge area and we're in a 6 person dorm...not too shabby. It's right beside the beach too, so we'll have to check that out tomorrow. Had a couple drinks and hit the hay....we've got another big day ahead of us tomorrow.

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