Day 104 - November 14th

Another great thing about the hostel is that it includes breakfast! And, for only 75¢, we got fried or scrambled eggs. Can't go wrong. As we were getting ready to go for the day, Trev noticed a bit of an issue with the ol' motorbike: the weld between the muffler and the exhaust pipe had totally separated. No wonder the bike was so loud recently!

After a quick Google, a shop was found nearby. A quick ride there and they were willing to help... However, they were not able to do a proper job. The guy told me straight up that because my pipe was titanium and my muffler was aluminum, they couldn't use their welding equipment and do a pretty job. He recommended another shop, about 10 minutes away. Ripping over there proved futile because they were closed for the weekend. Damn. Back to buddy at the shop... Another recommendation for another shop! Also closed... Okay, well I guess it's time for a less than beautiful job. No big deal.

After he finished up, the three of us met up again and went to a lunch place nearby the hostel and had a chill afternoon. As the evening approached, we met up with some of Dave's friends who were currently living in Cuenca. The whole group of 8 of us then walked over to Museo Pumapungo to watch a Spanish LGBT film festival. There was a lot of not understanding, and a lot of trying to guess the story line. And some Spanish learning too! Super unique experience.

After the film festival, we all headed to a brewpub nearby. It has a bunch of good beers on tap, which was once again an excellent break from Latin American cervezas. After a little while there, the group headed out to another bar nearby. Trevor felt sick (classic Trevor) so he headed home for the night.

Jo and Dave went to a bar where we indulged in a couple more drinks including a hot red, strong beverage that tasted like apple pie...don't know what it was, but it was delicious. We got to know the Cuenca kids a lot better too, so that was nice. Jo went home around 1, and Dave stayed out with Sofia and the gang, went to another club, and hung out by the river for quite a while before finding his way back to the hostel by 3am or so...tomorrow might hurt a little.

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