Day 89 - October 30th

Today was a day to get some Colombian city experiences. After breakky, we headed toward the market area in town to wander booths and to get yelled at by vendors. What an experience! Not a word of a lie, every 4th store sold shoes. Looking down an alley, you could see 10 or more stores within a few metres of each other selling the exact same shoes. I don't understand how there is a market for that!

In the afternoon, the two of us did a bit of internetting, trying to figure out some motorcycle logistics. This stuff takes way longer than we ever expect, so by the time we were finished, the afternoon was semi shot. Time to get back into the pool!

A little while later, JR and Florian (two volunteers from the Buga hostel) showed up to do some marketing for their hostel. Of course, all work and no play isn't any good, so they joined us for a beer or two beside the pool. Not a bad day at work for them!

Also this afternoon, two other motorbikes appeared in the hostel. Will and Stewart, both riding R1200GSs, had rode down from Alaska after shipping their bikes from the UK. With them was Andrea, a Spanish tagalong who met them in northern Colombia. The three of them were also headed south, so of course the rest of the evening was spent sharing stories and talking bikes. Why not? Later on, Dave and Johanna went to Galleria, a nightclub dance bar kind of thing. A bunch of people from the hostel all went out, but it seemed like they were in the mood for an intense party night. D&J called it a night not very long after Trev did, but the rest of the gang stayed out until 6 or so. Pretty crazy, especially for the night before Halloween!

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