Day 88 - October 29th

Time for a new city! While packing up our stuff to leave the hostel, the owner stopped by and saw us heading out. He felt bad about not having any t-shirts for us to buy, so he gave us all a bottle of his craft beer to take with us. For free! Awesome! We picked up the bikes from the nearby parking area and hit the road.

The roads to Cali were clean and smooth, but not super exciting. Driving down the valley bottom meant flat and straight, except for when the roadway designer decided to put several random turns in a row... No entiendo. We found hostel El Viajero pretty easily... We even beat Johanna there, even though she left first on the bus! Boom! Chalk another one up for the bikes.

After getting settled in, we went for food at an Arabic place right nearby. It was really cool - we sat on the little floor cushions around the table... Classic Colombia experience.

What a tough day so far. We've earned a break. Why not spend the afternoon hanging out in the pool? Buncha good for nothing lazy slobs I tell ya.

Continuing with our lazy trend, for supper we went back to the same place, mainly because we couldn't be bothered to find a new place to go. The food was good, so why not?

Today sure didn't make for many good stories... Oh well. They can't all be gems.

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