Day 87 - October 28th

You know what we haven't done in a few months? A brewery tour! The craft beers served at the hostel were actually made by the hostel owner, and he was more than happy to show us his process. At about 10 am, the two of us, Johanna, and some other hostel guests walked down the road to the place where magic happens. In an unmarked building a couple blocks from the hostel, a setup of shining stainless steel filled the building's courtyard (it was, however, a small setup and a small courtyard.) And lucky for us, today was brewing day! We were walked through every step of the process, and got to see some of it in action. We also were told about the difficulties he has had running a microbrewery in Colombia. In a country mainly dominated by large scale beer suppliers, and then only in bottles, getting a bar to serve beer on tap is a very involved process. The brewery itself has to set up the equipment, teach the bartenders, and troubleshoot when things break. What a hassle!

After the tour was finished, we had a fairly relaxed afternoon. There was an internet cafe near the hostel, so we spent several hours researching. Turns out that selling or shipping the bikes home will be quite a hassle! Good thing we're starting now. With ads for the bikes posted (link here we were all finished. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing cards with Johanna and James, another guy at our hostel.

At about 7:30, some friends of the bartender dropped by the hostel to invite us to play Tejo, a classic Colombian sport. Picture a combination of horseshoes and curling, but with mud and explosions. The object was to throw your puck (not sure the actual word, so I'm reverting to Canadian) at the centre of the target. About 5 metres away from the player was a box of clay/mud angled at 45 degrees, with a paper triangle at the centre. The triangle, no bigger than a beer can cross-section, was filled with an explosive chemical (some sulphur compound maybe?) that made a big bang and burned up when hit. Even though we were only on the beginner court, we still were really bad... Between the ten of us, there were only 6 explosions all night! Very very hard, but a lot of fun. After a few hours of that, we went and made fools of ourselves at a dance bar nearby for a bit then went home to bed. What a day!

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