Day 86 - October 27th

Today was a tour day!  We got some breakfast in us at the hostel, and met with the tour guide Pipo at 9:00am when we crammed 9 people into an old Land Rover and off we went. We drove for about 20 minutes to a farm house down a dirt road where some of us nursed hangovers and some of us kicked around a soccer ball...not naming any names.  The house we were at was pretty was built in 1830 and had a large yard surrounded by sugarcane plantations. We got going and went on a bit of a hike through a bunch of mud and stuff for about half an hour and ended up at a really nice swimming spot/waterfall area. There were 2 big pools with multiple cliffs to jump off. We came prepared with a bunch of beers and we all just hung out for a couple hours. It was fun! We got some good GoPro shots too. Even when it started to rain a bit, we didn't mind.  It's a bit hotter here in Buga than it was in Salento so any time we start feeling a little cold it reminds us of home. We hiked back to the old house where we started and the mother there had prepared us a nice meal with a soup, meatballs, beans, rice, bananas, and homemade cranberry juice. It was excellent. We hung out for a bit more after at the house and drank coffee and listened to music before piling back in the land rover and returning to town. Definitely worth the $15 they charged us for 6 hours, transportation, seeing an awesome spot and having lunch. I think almost everyone on the tour was pooped after and pretty well everyone napped for the next while. We hung out, played some really old Trivial Pursuit, and went for a meal...we tried to find some Mexican, but that proved impossible :( oh well...we had some cheap meat and fries instead. We hit the bar for a few more delicious beers before heading to bed....but I'm pretty sure we convinced one of the guys to give us a tour of the Brewery tomorrow, so that's exciting!

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