Day 85 - October 26th

Today we managed to get from Salento to Buga and we even found good beer! The day started at Yambolombia where we had breakfast and played with our GoPro stuff a bit before hitting the road....which was pretty cool!  We left Yambolombia, which was already a ways down a dirt road, and decided to find our way as far as we could on the dirt roads before hitting the highway en route to the town of Buga. It was cool!  A lot of the way was pretty muddy and we had to go through a bunch of water, but it was totally worth it. We got about an hour of gravel back roads through the Colombia countryside. We passed a bunch of farms, and coffee plantations, and even a couple really small communities where people were excited to see us. We did, eventually, have to hit the highway...which was, again, quite nice. The roads had good pavement and even some good twistys. Google said that the optimal route between Salento and Buga was about 2 hours, but we mangaged to take 4 or 5. No regrets at all on that one...our road choice was excellent. When we got here, our travelling companion Johanna had already arrived. She was watched out bikes as we sorted out our gear and found parking. Unfortunately the hostel didn't have any, so we had to put the bikes in a parkade. We got settled in pretty nicely. The hostel is supplied with German beers made 3 blocks away from here. We had to try all of them....perhaps more than once. There was an IPA, a Red, a Saison, a Ginger Honey and a Stout. Oh man, was it ever good to have real beer. Drunk as a skunk by 10:30, we pushed all the bunk beds together and went to bed like happy little kids. We set up a tour for the morning, so hopefully our heads don't hurt too much.

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