Day 82 - October 23rd

After 5 fun nights in Medellin we've decided to move on. Today we left the city and arrived in the nice, cold town of Salento. We had a pretty relaxed morning and had yet another breakfast at Al Alma...where they gave us free coffee today because we're such great customers.  We got all packed up and were out of the Black Sheep Hostel by 10:30 or so. The travel day wasn't too overly eventful (minus a few tight passes which is increasingly seeming to be normal), but the roads were still quite nice as we've become accustomed to in Colombia. Just as we were coming toward out turnoff for Salento, however, we ended up riding with a guy on a 2009 GS1200 for a bit. He ended up making a drinking motion so, natually, we followed him until he led us to a bar (turns out it was a coffee bar, but still...pretty cool). Unforunately we couldn't communicate too effectively as he spoke zero English and our Spanish still isn't exactly at a conversational level yet. He seemed like a cool guy though and was genuinely interested in what we were doing. He even bought our coffees! At this point we were only about 20 minutes from our destination city....but of course, it started downpouring. We got soaked and just wanted to find somewhere to stay where we could safely park the bikes. We ended up eventually finding a place about 2 km's out of town on a farm that had a neat little hostel and friendly staff. They sorted us out and we found a place to store the bikes and dry our wet clothes. The hotel's called Yambolombia and definitely has more or a hippy vibe to it. No WiFi and just a cool little chill out place. No worries, we could use a few escape days anyways. We noticed some mountain bikes in the back and turns out there's a German guy that does tours. That could be fun, maybe we'll do that tomorrow!

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