Day 76 - October 17th

Can't complain too much about the start of today... After a long healthy sleep, we woke up in the beach front hostel and wandered down the sand to the restaurant nearby. After paying $2.50 each for coffee, eggs, fried plantains, and cheese, we were ready to hit the road. We said our goodbyes to Stuart and got going. The dirt road out of town was squirrelly in a bunch of spots, with some big puddles and loose wet mud. Nothing we couldn't handle though. After getting back to the main highway, we drove some standard Latin American roads for the next couple hours, complete with random potholes, speed bumps, crazy driving and passing, and poor signage. No problem. Following a tip from Stuart, we looked for a place to stay in Planeta Rica. The price was right, the pool was sunny, and the beers were reasonable. Can't go wrong! We chilled in the pool and watched the Jays game for the afternoon... Wouldn't want to overdo it on our first major travel day in a couple weeks!

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