Day 75 - October 16th

On to our second destination in Colombia!

We got up at 7:00, ate the classic pancakes that Mamallena is famous for, drank some coffees, and started loading up the bikes. Right when we were ready to leave it started pissing rain....classic. We waited it out and got on the road toward Rincon Del Mar.

The roads were in terrible condition compared to the past few countries we'd been to....tons of potholes and dirt patches that were unavoidable which made for a slower day. Seems like most of the roads in Colombia have tolls too, so its curious how the conditions aren't better. That's another perk of being on a motorbike this country, the motorcycles don't have to pay tolls, and there's a little path to the side of the toll booths so you don't even have to wait. No complaints there.

3 or hours later or so we ended up on a little dirt road to the beach where we found Mamallena #4. Nobody was there, but it seemed like a nice relaxing spot with hammocks beside the ocean and parking for the motorcycles just as Stuart (the owner) had described.

We had a great meal of garlic prawns at a little restaurant down the way. Stuart showed up later and gave us money to pick up beers for the hostel...before we knew it, we had drank most of them. Was fun to hang out with Stuart one last time...especially when he's paying for our accommodation and drinks!

Tomorrow will be our first real travel day on the bikes in a couple weeks as we will be headed towards Medellin. Something tells me my butt's gonna hurt tomorrow night.

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