Day 74 - October 15th

Today was time to explore some of the fun things Cartagena had to offer... But step one was insurance. After a hearty pancake breakfast, the Mamallena specialty, we walked to the auto insurance building about 15 minutes from the hostel. Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Colombia, but the place closed at noon the day before, which was before we had our import paperwork finished. 15 minutes was about our limit for the heat... We were glad to be in an air conditioned room to sort out the paperwork. After paying more money than we wanted to, we headed to the old fort. It was a really cool concrete and brick structure built in the 1500s (don't quote me on that) used to defend Cartagena from the English invaders. It had all sorts of cool walls, lookouts, secret tunnels, etc and was super interesting to walk around. Near the end of the walk, we found an informative movie that talked about the history of the fort... But most importantly, the room had air con. Man... We really aren't tough people. We learned that the fort was involved in a critical battle way back when, and was one of the main reasons why Spanish is spoken in South America instead of English. Crazy! After that, we had some food at a mall on the way back to the hostel and Dave almost lost his bank card to an ATM. Good stuff. We got back to the hostel, hung out for a while, then went for dinner with Suzy, a German we had sailed with. Post dinner we all just chilled at the hostel and enjoyed some bevvys with some more of the sailboat crew. It was a good way to say our goodbyes once again!

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