Day 72 - October 13th

Today was one of the slowest and least eventful days yet. Because we were going straight to Cartegena across open ocean, we did nothing but motor/sail straight all day. The whole day was far from land, so the only things we saw off the boat were two container ships. Flying fish flapped beside the boat every now and then, but besides that, not too much happened. A few people had been taking sea sickness tablets, so they were drowsy and spent a lot of the day snoozing in their bunks. We sat under the shade on the bow and played cards, read, and enjoyed our rum. It was hot, and we weren't allowed to stop for a swim or anything... Maybe we should have brought another book or two! Another early night had us all asleep by about 8:30pm. What a day. At about 10:30pm, Trevor woke up because he was too hot in his bunk, so he explored up on deck... just in time to see the arrival into Cartegena! The city was way bigger than imagined, with sky scrapers, a massive shipping port, and an oil refinery... The evening lights were beautiful. This called for a snooze on deck tonight.

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