Day 71 - October 12th

Today we woke up anchored off immigration island. We all casually woke and and drank our morning coffee and ate our cornflakes. We hung around reading and whatnot until big breakfast - pretty sure none of us had started drinking yet. Once big breakfast was served, Captain YouYou lifted the anchor and we set sail for another pair of tranquil islands in San Blas. After a short hour we arrived and were told this was some of the best snorkeling around. We grabbed snorkels and swam to a tiny tiny island that didn't even have a single palm tree on it. Was pretty surreal. We then went further out on the reef and found a sunken shipwreck. It was pretty cool, probably an 80 foot yacht or something that looks to have chosen the wrong course to enter the little straight between the islands. The Aussies came out and met us out there for the wreck too, we took turns swimming down to touch it and have a close look at the wildlife around.  After a while, we decided we needed a rum break so we headed back to the main island where everyone else and the 'happy box' (our cooler...or eskie as the aussies call it). We got a few drinks in us and before we knew it lunch was brought to us. We sat in the water for the rest of the day and none of us wanted to leave...but we knew we had a schedule to meet, so we were called back to the boat around 5:00 to set sail for Cartegena. We're told it takes 38 hours of straight sailing...not too stoked on that but oh well. Looks like it'll be another hot night in the cabins.

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