Day 70 - October 11th

We started the day today by sailing to one of the main Kuna islands. Youyou, our captain, spend most of the day dealing with immigration stuff for us, while we toured the island. The "boss of the island," who was one of Youyou's friends, guided us through the dirt paths around the houses and community buildings. With his perfect Spanish, and our terrible Spanish, we got about 1/10th of the commentary. Oh well. On one side of the island, we met a weird character by the name of "Cannabis." He apparently was adopted by people from New Jersey when he was young, was raised there, and only moved back to San Blas a few years ago. Because of that, his English was pretty good. He was a weird dude though... He kept talking about his vibrations and energy and how he hated Americans. We didn't really understand. After a tour of some other areas, including the boss man's house, we went back to the boat.

Next we sailed to the immigration island right close by. Youyou met us there and told us to hang out there for a bit. There was a runway on the island that the Americans built several years ago that the Kuna now use... Security was the most lax of any airport we'd been to. We walked onto the runway, barefoot and bare chested, holding our rum and cokes... and almost got hit by a plane. Should have remembered to look both ways!

After checking out the "airport," it was time for a snorkel. We cruised around the reefs and checked out the fish, coral, etc... Nothing too crazy. Hanging out, eating lunch, playing with the football... Suddenly, Youyou comes over to tell us we have to go to the immigration building. Apparently they actually wanted to see our faces. So we grabbed our rum and cokes, found a designated shirt to share, and wandered barefoot across the runway again. Leaving our drinks outside the building, we went inside one at a time, being careful to exchange the designated shirt out of view of the immigration officials. After everyone was finished, we went back to the beach. Never going to do customs/immigration quite like that again I bet! After heading back to the boat for dinner, we chilled all evening in the bay, drinking and swimming. Good day overall.

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