Day 69 - October 10th

Turns out 5 people got sea sick last night, so that sucks. Today was amazing though!

We dropped anchor around 4 or 5am after sailing through the night in the hot cabins. We were able to go a bit farther than originally planned because of favourable wind conditions, so we ended up in a beautiful spot. Dave woke up and slept on the deck as soon as he was allowed right when he heard the anchor drop. What a good choice! It was a way nicer temperature up top. Unfortunately, it started down-pouring for the rest of the night 'til morning - no worries, just cover up with bean bags. Woke up wet and tired, but did a back-flip off the boat once the sun was up and life was good!

All the people on the boat were great. There were the 3 Lithuanians (Vilus, Sigitus, and Jolanta) who were on 2 BMW 1200GS bikes and spoke decent english, there were the 4 classic Aussies: Justin, Elliot, Jake and James, then we had Shon and Lauren who were a couple from New Zealand, Paul and Gayle from Scotland, Suzanne from Germany, and Zoey from London. With Trev and I there were a total of 15 guests on our 60 foot boat.

We were anchored just off an island where no people were to be seen. We were served our 4 meals (which were delicious by the way) and drank a bunch of rum and beers whilst snorkeling and playing football all day on the beach.  Lunch was even delivered to us..what a life! Could easily get used to this.  When it started getting dark/cold we made a fire from driftwood and dead palm trees.

Night came and we were ushered back to the boat in the dingy for a night anchored in the bay which meant we could sleep on deck, awesome.

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