Day 67 - October 8th

Today was the second day for paperwork! What an adventure! We met down at the dock at 9am to get a bill of lading from the captain... But he was on Panamanian time so he showed up at 10:30. This angered the Lithuanians quite a bit. After some discussions and papers, we drove half an hour or so to Colon to finish up our export work. General photocopy/understanding/getting lost border pandemonium ensued. Classic. After some more Li
thuanian anger, we eventually got all finished and headed back towards Portobelo. We stopped on the way go buy some clothes for the sailboat to replace our old ripped stuff... And ended up buying underwear that was way too small. Damn. Turns out we are both at least XL in Panama sizes. Oh well. Once back at the hostel, we met some other folks who were going on the boat tomorrow. We had a quick meeting with the captain to discuss paperwork, packing, etc, and then just hung around meeting each other. The night was pretty chill, until all of a sudden we hear somebody yell "help! He's pissing in my bed!" We ran in and saw one of the guests yelling and standing in the wrong room... One thing led to another until Trevor was in between the guest and the owner trying to break them apart. No dice... Guest tried to break the owner's finger so the owner landed a couple solid punches in the guest's face right over Trev's head. Good thing he's short. The guest was eventually taken away by police and spent the night in the drunk tank. And, luckily, the other guests didn't have any pee on their backpacks or clothes. They switched beds, the owner apologised a lot, and we all went to bed. What an evening.


  1. The "pissing" guy, was not a guest, but employee of the hostel, Carlos.

    1. This is pissing guy and im no employee im the new manager of the hostal captain jack and il pis on anybody howe comes to the hostal