Day 65 - October 6th

Mitch left today. Crass was too much to handle for us anyways....just kiddin' bud, it was awesome having you come out!

Tired from a week of drinking, the two of us had a pretty boring recovery day.  We slept in, and we didn't really have much ambition to get anything done. The only thing that needed doing was to get copies for our paperwork for the motorcycles to get them out of Panama, as we had to show up with these at 8:00am tomorrow for a police inspection to get the bikes out of the country. By 6:00pm we did manage to get the copies so that was a success I guess.

It rained a lot today and we had a lot of blog catching up to do....or at least we'll use that as an excuse. Having a rest day isn't necessarily a bad thing anyways, right?

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