Day 63 - October 4th

Today we had a pretty relaxed start to the day due to the heat. After thinking about what to do for a bit, we decided to go to the park nearby. We were told we could see sloths! Wouldn't that be cool? We all jumped into a cab and paid next to nothing for him to drive us to the park. We all had to pay to get in, which kind of sucked... and they wouldn't even give us a group discount! The hike was short, but extremely hot and humid. We all sweat way too much given the amount of effort we were putting in... And we didn't even see a sloth! After an hour or two in the park, we went back to the hostel for some food and drink.

Later that day, we found out that a local soccer team was playing. One of the workers at the hostel was telling us about his favourite team, which started their game at 5pm. He told us where they were playing, so we decided that it would be fun to check out. First thing's first, though - We needed signs to cheer on the team! Or, better idea, let's make signs that show how dumb we are! We found large sheets of white cardboard for sale at the pharmacy (of course) so we picked them up and brought them back to the hostel. Group consensus decided on writing "Gringos" with a down arrow on one, and "No Entiendo!" (I don't understand) on the other. Perfect! Next, we all loaded up in two cabs and drove to the stadium. After we arrived, we were confused... the game seemed to be halfway through, and there was barely anyone there! Some quick googling told us we were at the wrong stadium... oops! Time to get back into cabs and head for another. This turned the evening into utter pandemonium... Trev's cab went to the wrong stadium at first, then went to another wrong stadium after. We had no idea. Dave's cab went to a different stadium than we asked him to, but it turned out to be the right stadium... Who knows. Trev's group watched a college team win the quarter finals of their playoffs, and Dave's group cheered their favourite team to victory! Maybe that's all it takes to win - a couple gringos cheering from the bleachers. After the games were over, we met back at the hostel for another evening of bar hopping and hanging out. What a weird afternoon.

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