Day 62 - October 3rd

Today we went to the Panama Canal! Got an early 11:00am start and snagged Estelle to come with us. At first, we thought we got a good deal on a taxi when we told him $8 to bring us to the 'museum', but we didn't know there was another museum in another part of town. Oops.  We got him turned in the right direction and he tried to scam us into paying $25. No way Jose. Paid $11 and got out of there. The Miraflores locks were really neat.  We got to see them operate when a big shipping container went through, and there was a 4 floor history walk-through to educate us about its construction and operation. There was even a movie! That took us a good couple hours and cost us each $15, but it was totally worth it. 

Next, we took a taxi to Albrook Mall. Supposedly its one of the biggest malls in the world...not that either of us particularly enjoy shopping (but we do enjoy air conditioning). We ordered some food and wandered around for a good while. There was a DJ in the food court (of course), a huge gorilla statue and other odd things we didn't really understand. At one point, the 4 of us sat in a store's display case waving at people.  This is what tourists do in Panama, right? 

After the mall, we headed back to the hostel and had another fun evening hanging out with all our hostel friends...and we drank cervezas.

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