Day 61 - October 2nd

We all woke up at 9:00am or so after a solid 4 hours of sleep, probably still a bit drunk from the night before. We were in the fancy Westin hotel so the sleep was pretty darn comfy.  Mitch and Dave went down to the pool for a bit before checking out of the hotel. It was then decided that we shouldn't be in much of a hurry to leave - we paid good money for this place, we mind as well take advantage of it, right? So we checked out and went down to the restaurant for lunch. The food was all really good. Dave got clam chowder and found a real shell in it - he complained and got his meal for free. Yay! From there, we grabbed out swimming stuff and hung around the 6 pools all day and lounged beach side, with 1 or 2 cervezas of course.  We left by 3 or 4 and headed back to Hostel Mamallena. Bit was a bit of a change for Mitch going from the best hotel in the city to sleeping in a 12 bed dorm, but Trevor and Dave felt much more at home here. Got the bikes parked and settled in then went for dinner.
The dinner was pretty terrible/hilarious. We went to a restaurant around the block with Joanna and ordered, then they put on a movie really loud for us to watch about a dog....I forget what the movie was but it was a sad movie about a dog who's owner died and the dog just kept waiting. Why do I know all this? Because by the time the food came and we are, the movie was finished....took over 90 mins. Super neat.
The night was pretty low key...we met Estelle and a few other people, drank a bunch of beers and played some card games. Twas good times.

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