Day 59 - September 30th

To start the day today, we had a crappy breakfast across the street. There was some bland cafeteria food, wasps, and terrible coffee. It wasn't even that cheap. Oh well. Time to get on the ol bikes again. We hit the road out of Santiago and were happy to see that there was no more construction! That meant we could drive a bit faster... Oops. A cop. Trevor got pulled over for doing 94 in an 80 zone. The cop told him that the ticket was $100... Payable in town, or to him. After some haggling, the cop would take $50 to let us go... Too bad I "only" had $40. He wasn't happy but he took it and let us go. Greasy. After nothing else eventful, we rolled onto the Bridge of the Americas over the Panama canal. It was awesome! This felt like a huge milestone for both of us. We ended up heading to the Mamallena Panama City as a first destination because we had such a good experience in Boquete. Luckily, they also had parking for the motorbikes behind a locked gate so we set up there for the night. They're doing renovations downstairs, but the hostel is pretty big and nice. Stoked on Mitch getting here tomorrow too!

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