Day 58 - September 29th

What a sore morning. After remembering how to walk, we made our way to pancake breakfast and chilled with some coffee. Today was the day to leave Boquete. We packed our bags nice and slowly, said some goodbyes, and hit the road. Our goal for the day was to get halfway to Panama city, so we weren't in a big hurry - why not take the scenic route? Ripping up some cool back roads took us a bit closer to the Caribbean, and after a beautiful detour or two, we made it back to the pan-american highway. Immediately we were into a construction site where they were fixing the highway. No problem - they barricade the road nicely here, so we can still rip at highway speeds through the areas. Good thing though... The construction site went for ever. As in, literally non-stop until Santiago. It was crazy. Because it was only one lane of traffic in each direction, there were a couple sketchy passes and other shenanigans... Kept us awake though! Once in Santiago, we checked out the lonely planet top rated hostel in town. Seemed pretty dingy, and there were no other travellers there either. We opted to drive to a nearby budget hotel for $5 more each, and got full sized beds, air con, and restaurants etc within walking distance. Worth it. Now it's 9pm and we're still both beat from the weird sleep schedule of the past few days. Hopefully we can figure our lives out by tomorrow.

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