Day 56 - September 27th

Today was a nice chill day. We decided it would be a good idea to hike Volcán Barú, which means we were staying another two nights in Boquete. The hike starts at midnight every night, and the group hikes up to the summit for sunrise. We planned to start the hike tonight/tomorrow morning.  Because this meant a huge lack of sleep, we decided to take it easy today. After a good healthy sleep-in and pancakes for breakky, we chatted with other travellers at the hostel and mostly just hung around. A bit of town wandering happened, but seriously nothing crazy. At 2pm we headed out to a "coffee tour", where we got to see the whole process, from growing to shipping. It was neat hearing about the different types of beans, classifications, rankings, etc, as well as seeing the equipment used for the process. After touring the farm, we freshly roasted our own beans and had the freshest coffee we'd ever had. It was very good! The tour itself was not worth the $20 we spent though. Oh well. After getting back to the hostel, we prepared for the hike that night by packing our bags and making lunch. Then it was time to try to sleep. Stupid us... Turns out coffee has caffeine, so the coffee tour made napping difficult at 7pm. Oh well. Before going to bed, we had planned to check out the supermoon/eclipse combo at 9:30 that night. Trev was awake ahead of time, and started checking it out with the hostel owner's telescope... But just as the eclipse was ready to go, the clouds rolled in and blocked the entire view. Was not worth waking up for - Dave made the right call. Then it was back to bed for another hour or so... We woke up at 10:45 to get ready for the 11:15 shuttle to the volcano base. The other 12 people in the group looked equally exhausted... Tomorrow is going to be a long day. What did we get ourselves into?

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