Day 54 - September 25th

Left San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica and headed towards Panama. Got on the road by 8:30 and headed into the mountains. We opted to take a different route than Google suggested, and it totally paid off - tons of fun, twisty roads. It was highway 237 if any of you reading happen to be in the area. We got to the border faster than Google said we would and started the border process around 11:30 and finished up by 1:30.  Only 2 hours at the border this time and not much hassle. Was pretty good! It's still a bit frustrating to see an entire busload of tourists get through the border faster than you can get a motorcycle through...but what can ya do?  Once in Panama we were both starving and found the first food spot we could. It happened to have WiFi, so we were able to see where we wanted to end up for the next few days. We decided upon Hostel Mamallena in Boquete. Found our way to the hostel, but not before going thru another major rain storm...wet gear once again. Grabbed some food and cheap beers ($0.63/can) and met some cool people. Seems like there's a lot to do here so hopefully we can get some adventure in tomorrow.

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