Day 53 - September 24th

Our first morning in Costa Rica! Due to the high cost of living in Costa Rica, we wanted to giddy up through the country as fast as we could. After a quick breakfast and failed motorcycle boot purchase, we were on the road. The first bit of the ride was through a massive construction project which stretched for ever! They were repairing or replacing the highway, which involved us driving every which way along the road. After we got to the new toll highway, the road was more consistent and well maintained. We rolled into San Jose and kept on going. Seemed like a neat town in a neat valley, but Panama was so close and calling to us that we pushed on. The highway then started winding its way up into the mountains. Except for the rain, the area was beautiful and the ride was amazing. After about an hour or two, we reached the summit - 3347m! It was about this time that we started noticing yellow flowers on the side... Maybe they were turnips! (For those confused, see day 36.) After stopping to photograph, sample, and chart, we were on the road again. The fog after the summit was unbelievable. We had to drive so slow because of the low vis, slippery roads, and twisty corners. Eventually, after another hour or so, we rolled into a town called San Isidro de El General. After messing around for a bit trying to find an affordable hotel, we found one right on the city centro with secure parking and affordable rates. Wandering a bit got us some pasta for dinner, a couple supermarket cervezas, and a quick tour if the town. All in all, a pretty low-key day, but that was what we needed before the big border day tomorrow.

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