Day 52 - September 23rd

Got up slightly hungover bright and early at 630 to grab some food, say bye to the awesome people at Little Morgan's and grab the 9:00am ferry off Ometepe to head for Costa Rica. Like we always seem to do, we left an hour later than expected and opted to try to rush to the ferry to see if we could make it on the off chance it was already behind schedule. Bad choice. Trevor slipped out in one of the corners and slid alongside his bike for what seemed like an eternity. Luckily, he was only going 50 or 60 km/h and escaped with zero injuries. ATGATT. The bike suffered some minor damages, but the crash bars helped a lot. Trevor is now riding with a bent handlebar...we'll get that straightened out I'm sure. With a smile back on his face, we were on the road within 5 minutes. Pretty lucky. We caught the 10 am ferry that was supposedly cancelled so that was a nice surprise too. Off the island, we got gas and some border snacks and headed toward the border. The borders are always interesting, and this one was no different. Leaving Nicaragua, we encountered the first experience where they wouldn't let Trevor in the country because of his paper work. Note to self (and advice for others?): don't leave important documents on your work bench the day before departing on a 5-month journey. It tends to be less than ideal. Because they wouldn't accept a photocopy of the registration, Trev had to hire a lawyer and do an ownership declaration for his bike. After some broken English and Spanish, and $40, Trev had signed his life away and got an official looking document. Turns out it worked - we got into the country. Costa Rica was very different than other countries we had been to so far. The area after the border was very sparsely populated, the roads were nice, no speed bumps... It was like a completely different world! No complaints though (except for the rain.) We eventually arrived in Liberia (the Costa Rican town, not the country) for the night. It seemed like a boring town, but we didn't give it much of a chance. We were so exhausted from a day of borders, ferries, and crashing, that it was early to bed. What a start to Costa Rica...

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