Day 51 - September 22nd

Today we had another chill day at Little Morgan's on Ometepe. Went for a cruise around the big volcanoe on the motorbikes which was pretty cool. Was paved 3/4 of the way, but we found some cool cow paths to explore in the less developed areas. The paved sections were fun too - there were a bunch of these little dips in the road where you could get air! Jumping on the KLR is pretty hilarious, but doable without all the baggage on. Feels good getting the tires off the ground. All the while, we were trying to find monkeys, but we were unsuccessful. Oh well. We found a restaurant with some WiFi on the way back to the hostel and managed to find Duncan...Dave had been messaging him for a couple weeks, cause he was another guy on a motorbike doing a similar trip to ours. Was cool to finally meet. Duncan and Tolga (another guy on a bike) opted to stay at Little Morgan's as well. The night was fun cause a bunch new people rolled in. Played a bunch of cards and pool and probably a few too many drinking games before hitting the sack. Costa Rica is on the agenda for tomorrow.

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