Day 50 - September 21st

What a great way to start the day - a quick dip in the lake, followed by coffee and a hearty breakfast. One of the resident dogs (named Danger) found a small boa constrictor in the kitchen, which turned into a standoff for quite some time. Danger eventually got a well placed bite on the snake and bit the head clean off. Too bad - the snake had been hunting mice in the kitchen! The day was hot already, but it was time for an adventure. We had been told there was a cool waterfall nearby, so we decided to go find it. After paying the park ranger a couple bucks, we started riding up the hiking road. Good thing we left our saddle bags at the hostel - the road was rough, steep, and rocky! We made it about 2km up the road, the end was in sight... But a rock bested Dave and the bike tipped over. Oh well. We parked the bikes and started the 2 km hike to the waterfall, and immediately we were drenched in sweat. Even standing still was too much physical exertion in this kind of heat. But the waterfall will be worth it, so we pressed on. Halfway up, we started hearing some rocks falling, which turned into a thunderous roar... Landslide! Luckily, it was across the valley from us (which was still only like 50m from us) After about 10 intense seconds, it was finished. Crisis averted... What a scary close call. Eager to get out of the valley, we continued up towards the falls. They were pretty cool - probably approximately 114' tall. We stood under them to cool off and hang out, had a quick photo op, then headed back down the trail. It was cool seeing all the geckos and butterflies and other neat stuff on the hike - what a beautiful area.

Once we got back to the bikes, we rode down the sketchy road and headed for lunch. We stopped at a roadside farmhouse that sold lunch and chatted with the owner for a bit. He only spoke Spanish, so it was good practice for us! Back at the hostel, the power had gone out, so we spent a chill afternoon hanging out and reading. The power eventually came back on, just in time for supper and the hockey game! It was a weird feeling - sitting in a palm-leaf-roofed bar in hot humid weather watching a Canucks game with other Canucks fans... While the Canucks were playing in Victoria. Not a bad chill way to spend the evening!

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