Day 49 - September 20th

San Juan Del Sur was a blast, but today we opted to head to Ometepe....the island on Lake Nicaragua with 2 volcanoes. The ride was pretty short, only an hour or so to get to the dock where we got super lucky cause we arrived 8 minutes before the scheduled ferry departure. On the boat we met another couple people on bikes! Yay, first other motorbike travellers we'd met since La Paz, Mexico. They were older, the guy was from Texas and the lady was from Switzerland, and had been riding down from Anchorage, Alaska. Pretty cool. After our 2 hour ferry (it was tiny and super slow BTW), we drove to Santa Cruz and found Little Morgan's hostel. We were recommended this place by a  guy in San Juan Del Sur....and its pretty sweet! They have some crazy woodwork for all the guys and dorms, and mosquito nets over the beds. The workers are rad too. Got settled in, had a meal then went pur for a rip on the bikes before the sun went down. Drove all the way around one of the volcanoes on a 40km dirt road in about 45 minutes. It was a sweet ride! There are a ton of loose horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, and cows just running free....its hilarious dodging them on the road. We eventually got back to the hostel and chill out - watched some football and drank some beers and did some shots. Good times were had.

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